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  • 一晩中、静かな暖房で安全快適にお過ごしください
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  • 広いキャンピングカーの補助ヒータとしても最適です
  • ウォータヒータなら、洗浄やシャワーの温水が利用できます

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On the Road to Düsseldorf – Danny MacAskill on Tour in His New Motor Home

Here it is, Danny’s new motor home. For a long time, arguably the world’s most famous trials cyclist could only dream of such a companion on his many adventures. Now his dream has finally come true.

From now on, he’ll be going to his video shoots and appearances in his new mobile home. Danny’s new vehicle is also indispensable for his show, the Drop and Roll Tour – it’s the ideal location for rehearsing, editing and uploading his breathtaking videos, or simply hanging out with friends when he’s on the road.
Obviously, his new motor home has been designed for optimal comfort and coziness, meeting its owner’s expectations. Naturally, Eberspächer has equipped his new mobile home with all new features.
Danny took it on its on its first road trip from his home in Scotland to Düsseldorf – with several stops on the way – to perform shows with friends at the Caravan Salon as part of the Drop and Roll Tour.